19 Years of Envisioning Central Park

Since purchasing the 252 acres at Central Park in 2005, the Town of Firestone has considered a wide mix of uses and multiple conceptual plans have been developed, considered, and revised - including the Central Park Master Plan approved in 2021. Although these efforts helped gain a better understanding of the site, many did not include costs or potential funding sources to bring the plans to life.

In 2023 Firestone residents were invited to complete a community survey that included several questions about Central Park. The results have helped inform our next steps as we continue to collaboratively work with residents to create a vision for developing Central Park that we can all be proud of.

In January we hired a team of outside experts to create a process for the community, Town leadership, and potential partners to work together on an actionable plan to bring Central Park to life. Here on this site we invite residents to share ideas and potential scenarios based upon what is economically feasible so that we can co-create an inspiring and realistic vision for this core piece of our community.

Community Engagement Update
We've spent the last few months listening to the residents of Firestone through this website and an in-person open house this past March. We received over 1,200 contributions from over 2,742 visitors. We will review the data and report results this summer. We appreciate your time in helping us create Central Park.

Actionable Plan

The Right Balance of Open Space, Community Activation and Revenue Generation

We are asking for the community to take this into account when providing feedback so we can determine which types of uses create both the necessary revenue to pay for amenities such as a park, sports fields, or more dining options and are supportive of the community and the local economy. In the meantime we will begin with plans for engineering the roads, water, power and other infrastructure to meet the needs of a final actionable plan.

Here are a few of the ideas often mentioned: